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EPA '06 Conference

The Next Big Thing on the Internet
There has been a long string of “The Next Big Thing”s on the Internet. But this one is important because it’s organic, not manufactured. BusinessWeek called it “The Power of Us”; others are calling it Web 2.0 – namely, the power of the Internet being unleashed more effectively for the benefit of individuals and community. This session will explore examples of how new web-based technologies are allowing your stakeholders to engage more effectively with your organization, helping you to meet your mission and increase your retention. We’ll look at specific examples, discuss ways it affects your organization, and brainstorm on ways your online efforts can embrace it.

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Recommended book:

A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age by Daniel Pink: Highly recommended reading for the older among us (who may be us) to understand and adapt to the changes in our world and commerce, and for the young to understand what skillsets they need to pursue, deepen, and develop.