STAN ATKINSON Fans say goodbye to Stan

"Growing-up in Stockton and Lodi, I grew-up watching Stan. My Dad, who was a political science teacher, always said he watched Stan because "this was a guy who knew what he was talking about and knew how to tell you about it." As I became a young man, it was clear what I wanted to do and who I would use as one of my role models. There was never any doubt: I wanted to be a broadcast journalist and I wanted to tell stories like Stan tells stories. While in college, I had the privilege of interning at KCRA-TV while Stan was there. After college, I moved south for my first job in radio in Modesto, then my first TV job in Bakersfield. I never forgot Stan's example. Today... thanks to the inspiration and vision he provided for me... I'm proud to say it's Jim Walker, reporter, at KTVT-TV Channel 11, the CBS affiliate in Dallas-Fort Worth, the seventh largest television market in the country. And Stan... someday I'm coming back to Sacramento to the anchor desk... but no one will ever be able to fill your shoes."
Jim Walker, Reporter KTVT-TV 11 / Dallas-FW, TX

"Dear Mr. Atkinson: I love you and I've seen first hand all of the charity work you've done. I bought an autographed tie of yours at the Alzheimer's fundraiser in 1996. You're the MAN Stan. We will miss you."
Patricia McMahon / CA

"Stan, I have grown up with you reporting and have seen you at various functions. Thank you for being as genuine in person as you seem on TV. Your credibility has always been solid and your sense of humor precisely timed. The best thing about tuning in is seeing which tie you will wear. I love EVERY tie and will miss not seeing you. I hope you have some say in who replaces you. Thanks for your years of hard work and commitment to excellence."
Deborah O'Campo / CA

"I knew this day would come. Although I have seen many news personalities come and go I have to say that Stan, you are more like family. I recall as a little girl you having to leave and go far away to do a report, I didn't know what it was but I knew it was dangerous, I recall the relief when you returned. Now as a woman of 30 years, I understand that you were reporting on the situation in Cuba. I have grown up with you in my life on an almost daily basis. Although I do not know you, your ability to communicate and soft yet knowing demeanor makes you feel like a friend. Thank you for all the years of being there."
Carol Mondine / Sacramento, CA

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